This set of instructional DVDs are worth their weight in GOLD! Over the past ten years I have made a number of dance costumes using commercial patterns and modified them. The results have been good but I’ve known that they could be better. I am an accomplished seamstress but Simone presents the information so that someone with less experience could achieve great results….the information is clearly presented and demonstrated. Very detailed also! The time spent on making these DVDs is truly appreciated! I have never been able to find instructions that have been anywhere near as helpful! It will allow me to construct one of a kind competition gowns that are on of a kind and suit me perfectly!

Linda Ronan


I am a competitive ballroom dancer and the cost of competitions, lessons, shoes, & dresses are very expensive. I usually try to cut down the expenses any way I can, so I have looked at used dresses and have settled for a couple of used dresses in the past. They were not exactly what I was looking for but since I didn’t have the resources to have a custom dress made I had little choices. I have been sewing for a short time and actually took classes in the hopes to be able to make my own dress. I had taken classes for over 6 months and still hadn’t perfected the leotard. I found these DVDs and my first leotard I made with the videos instruction was my best leotard yet. The DVDs were easy to follow. They actually showed me some sewing tools I was missing. I was able to make my own patterns, which ballroom dress patterns are very hard to find on the internet. I liked being able to pause the DVD and work at my own pace or go over sections were I needed more clarity. Now I hope not only to make my own dresses but dresses for other competitors as well.

Candace Brown

For years and years I was trying to learn how to make my own ballroom dresses but I could not find anything useful on the subject. After I saw that someone came up with DVDs about how to make ballroom dresses, I got very excited. So I got myself a copy of them and I was not disappointed.

In these DVDs, the presenter demonstrates how to make a ballroom dress from scratch. He starts off with talking about various fabrics and equipment that is required. Then, he shows how to create a basic pattern from key measurements. The pattern is then used to create a leotard. When I tried making ballroom dresses before, I always had a hard time creating a leotard that actually fit me properly. By following this video, I was able to create a well-fitting leotard, but it took me several times before I got it the way I wanted. After the leotard, the presenter shows how to assemble the dress, create a skirt, and finally decorate the dress.

If you are thinking about making your own costumes, you will benefit from watching these videos. They will not teach you everything but I felt that they gave me a good foundation.

Margaret S