Have you ever spent hours and hours searching through photos on the Internet trying to find a gorgeous used ballroom dress just to throw in the towel in the end? Well, you are not alone. The problem with trying to find a used ballroom dress on the Internet is that most of them are just plain ugly. Think about it for a second. If the dress is beautiful, it will not need to be exposed to a large Internet audience. The dress will sell quickly right at the competition the first time it is worn.

It is not uncommon for a competitor with a beautiful dress to be approached by ladies in the audience wanting to buy it. In such cases, the dress owner would not need to bother to list it on the Internet and pay a commission to a middleman. Or, if the dress owner is a professional dancer, she might sell the dress to her student, and therefore, it would never show up on any Internet website for sale.

With that being said, just because it is difficult to find a good-looking ballroom dress does not mean it is impossible. You can find them, but it takes a lot of time and perseverance. Keep checking ebay or dreamgown.com daily or weekly because you never know when someone will suddenly become desperate to sell her dress for a quick buck to cover the cost of the next dress.